Does the world really need another blog?

Does the world really need another blog?

Does the world really need another blog?

The answer is most certainly no, so you may ask yourself why is Eddie Catz doing one now? It’s quite simple really. Our business is now getting sizeable.  Between our centres we probably serve all just about half a million customers a year and host about 10,000 birthday  parties. Some of  the things we experience are funny, insane and sometimes plain old gross.


Our journey as a business sometimes needs to be shared, as does our life as entrepreneurs in crazy times and how we balance that as parents of two (now teenage) kids and the lives  of our young hard working Team  whose mission each day is to make our customers happy despite the challenges of managing a facility.

We also have a lot of businesses reach out to us. Whether they be small local businesses founded by moms and dads like us or larger companies seeking to engage with our target audience to target our audience. We felt it was time to establish a platform for everyone to connect. So this is an open invitation to our staff, customers and businesses we work with us to connect on topics of interest to all.

 Happy blogging!

Parents of two amazing teens, entrepreneurs and creators of Eddie Catz. Trying to juggle parenthood and work and be sufficiently cool not to be "de-friended" by our kids on social media. Can mostly be found at Eddie Catz HQ. Side jobs include delivering the bouncy castle, fetching helium cannisters, facepainting, toilet unblocking and lightbulb changing.

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