Why your first baby’s first Christmas is the best one

Why your first baby’s first Christmas is the best one

Trust me, your first Christmas with your first baby is by far the best Christmas you will have as a parent. I’m not saying that the Christmases to follow will be bad, you might even enjoy one or two of them, but the first is different.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but if you’re a sleep deprived, sick covered mum of a teething 6 month old you might not be feeling so lucky right now. I’m here to shake you into the realisation that these are in fact “the salad days”……..and here’s why.

first christmas baby in box

No present pressure
You wouldn’t have had weeks of begging and nagging for whatever the plastic fantastic fad of the season may be. The truth is your child would be more than happy playing with the 5p bag you brought it home in. Whilst a plastic bag might not be the most suitable gift for a small baby at least you be comforted in the knowledge that a portion of that 5p has gone to charity. Some might argue that a 10p bag for life could provide a safer option for a child but without the commitment to a charitable contribution I’m afraid I can’t give them my Baby Christmas list seal of approval.

I would like to add that the lack of present pressure only exists in your immediate family. Grandparents and new aunts and uncles don’t have this. In fact if we’re dealing with a first grandchild then it might certainly be true the present pressure is at it’s most intense.
Personally this amuses me to no end. The constant calls asking “what does she need/want?” are often met with my reply of “whatever you think you’d like to buy your only grandchild on her first ever Christmas”.

You can sit and enjoy your meal
This is all about timing. You might think it will be a nice idea to have your Christmas dinner altogether as a family.
This would be a mistake.
Plan your meal to coincide with nap time. If this nap time is somehow lengthened with the aid baby Calpol you’ve given your child to shift that pesky cold then that’s double luck for you.
Savour every moment of this meal because next year you’ll be cleaning cranberry sauce off your ceiling and apricot stuffing out of your carpet.

On hand babysitters
The trick to a good first Christmas is to host. “But I’ve already got my hands full!” You might be saying but you would have forgotten about the team of baby sitters about to land at your location.
Embrace it. Use the kitchen as your very own private hideaway. The kitchen can be a place of sanctuary and allow you the freedom to partake in indulgences which you’ve seldom had time for in the last few months.
Which brings us on to….

Daytime drinking and the “it’s Christmas excuse”
Have a drink you deserve it. If it means you need a little nap halfway through the afternoon then no one could possibly deny for that. After all, you’ve been busy with all that cooking haven’t you?
Take a leaf out of the book of every landlady the Queen Vic has ever had and don’t be afraid of using the words “I’m just going to pop upstairs for a lye down”.

Ridiculous photo opportunities
Pinterest and online shopping from China and Etsy has made this even more fun. In years to come your child won’t be too pleased about the cute little Elf outfit you brought them so make the most of it while you can.
There’s nothing more Christmassy than a baby with antlers.

New grandparents now get photos as presents
Gone are the socks and scarfs. First Christmas presents are a piece of cake.
“Here’s a photo of your grandchild, sorry it looks like I just took it on my phone and printed it out on my inkjet but you know how busy I’ve been”.
If your child isn’t the first grandchild then clearly you will have some mantelpiece competition and you’ll have to up your game. I’d recommend getting a deal of Groupon for some professional pictures I have them framed Tate gallery size.

I hope this article will help you realise how good you’ve got it right now and how amazing your first Christmas as a new parent can be.

Remember, next year and forevermore, everything will be different.

A very yummy mummy

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