Vroom Vroom… Hosting a Cars Party

Vroom Vroom… Hosting a Cars Party

All about Cars:

The Cars franchise has become one of Disney’s strongest and bestselling franchises. ‘In one hand I have car oil in the other a Disney vein’ said writer John Lasseter. The franchise has branched outside of the film world and into merchandise, clothing and even ice shows. Cars premiered in 2006 and was quickly followed with Cars 2 in 2011, and then a spin off entitled ‘Planes’ in 2013. Here’s how to host the perfect Cars birthday party.

The Invitations:

At the heart of every birthday party is the initial invitation.  The excitement of handing this out to school friends in the playground can almost reach fever pitch, so why not create some of your own ‘Cars’ themed invitations, or if you have already booked your party at Eddie Catz why not use one of our fantastic NEW ‘themed invitations’.


The Decorations:

After the finalizing of guests, and the anticipation of gaining RSVP’s from excited parents and children alike, the next most important step is to ensure that the room matches the Cars theme. The colour palette is always of high importance, and reds, blacks and blues will ensure that the room becomes A Cars spectacle. Alongside this, banners, bunting and cardboard cutouts can add that extra special touch! If you have booked a party at Eddie Catz, why not let us take care of this and we can decorate the room with a beautiful wall length backdrop, buntings, banners, posters and a helium balloon for each child to take home!




The Party Food:

Every good party relies wholeheartedly on an amazing feast for the birthday celebrant and friends to feast on, and hosting a Cars themed party should be no different. Here are a few ideas that can maintain the Cars theme throughout:

‘Luigi’s Pizza Tyres’ – As seen below, just from creating small circular shapes in a regular pizza!

The Cake: The most important aspect of the birthday party has to be the birthday cake, where the birthday boy or girl can blow out their candles and make that extra special wish.  Eddie Catz can provide a deluxe chocolate fudge birthday cake that serves 24 with an amazing Cars Cake Topper included!


Party Games:

No party is quite complete without some fun party games, and a Cars party should be no different! Games can make or break a party and it is important that there is something for everyone, so here are two of Eddie and his team’s favourite ideas:

-       Decorate Lighting McQueen

Each birthday party guest gets a blank copy of their own Lightning Mcqueen and decorates their very own version with stickers and cool designs. The best design is decided by “Lightning” himself with the winning entry getting a prize. You can find your own ‘Lightning Mcqueen’ here: http://www.freelargeimages.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Lightning_mcqueen_coloring_pages-7.jpg

-        Red Light, Green Light

Another fun idea for a game is ‘Red Light, Green Light’ whereby the birthday celebrant acts as their favourite Cars character, choosing anything from Lightning Mcqueen to Doc Hudson and they then decide when the traffic lights are green or red. Green means go and Red means stop! Hours worth of fun!

The Party Bags:

After all of the planning, preparation and realization of hosting your very own Cars Party, it’s now the last moment and time to give every child a lasting memory of the great party that they have just been to. A few ideas for making the Party Bags extra special include:

-       Cars Trophies

-       Cars Sticker Packs

-       A Cars themed foil balloon (Available for purchase at Eddie Catz!)


This should hopefully help create the perfect Cars themed party. As ever, Eddie Catz can create an amazing Cars themed party 7 days of the week. Show us your Cars themed ideas or birthday parties using the hashtag #carswitheddiecatz on social media!


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