The Kent Life – Summer Activities

The Kent Life – Summer Activities

Recently, my daughter, her dad and I had the rare opportunity to spend a Saturday morning together. No work, no meetings… not a thing! This was too good to pass up, so off we went to Kent Life in Maidstone.

When we were younger, my parents quite often took me and my sisters there on days out and having always remembered those as fun and relaxing times, I thought it would be a great idea to visit with Matt and Lily.

I also think it is perfect for her at the moment as wide, open space allows her to independently walk around without me having to worry about cars! Can you believe she will be turning 2 in September? Yes, really! Plus, she is obsessed with animals at the minute and being Kent Life located on a farm she was in her element.

As we arrived, we saw a huge sign that said “Cuddle Corner” so we headed straight there. It was great! Lily had some one-on-one time with some rabbits and a small guinea pig. It was beautiful to see how much she cared about and reacted to them. She sat still with the rabbits for a long time just stroking and hugging them gently; however, the calmness did not last! When the guinea pig came along Lily got as energetic as it! Both were wriggling, Lily was laughing hysterically, even the animal keeper couldn’t help but being amused!


The whole place was such a refreshing change. The majority of our time is spent either at home, in the busy city, or at the park across the road. Not much variety, I know, so going away to such a relaxing place, even if only for a few hours, was exactly what we all needed.

Mainly, we did go for Lily, to get her out and about, experimenting new things… but I also love visiting. Not only is Kent Life a great childhood memory, but it also has a rich heritage, especially with hops and brewing. You can walk around the oast houses, the hop garden and even the vintage village. This village has houses from the Kent area which have been moved to the museum in order to be preserved. As a history fan, all of this fascinates me. I love researching the period of the Second World War, particularly about how the daily life was like at home during The Blitz. One of the houses, from the 1940s, was in perfect condition, with period pieces; it was amazing to see!

To sum up, Kent Life is a great way to discover some of the traditional Kent ways of life, such as growing hops but, for me, it is also a great way of getting Lily out and interacting with animals. I am terrified of animals (horses, dogs, mostly any!) but I really want to prevent Lily from growing up feeling the same way. I want her to be confident and feel comfortable around them.

All in all, what really makes this place special, though is the staff. They genuinely care about all the animals and allow the children to get really close to them, unlike other places. Most certainly a great day out for the whole family!

To discover more about Kent Life, head over to their website http://www.kentlife.org.uk now!

If you are looking for indoor activities why not visit Eddie Catz? You can also sign up for any of the camps and workshops available this Summer by visiting  www.eddiecatz.com

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