The flawless logic of a teenage girl

The flawless logic of a teenage girl

The one thing about teenagers is their impeccable grasp of logic. Perhaps it’s a testament to our schooling system which has equipped them with the tools to question everything and never accept things at face value. Perhaps it’s the modern society they are now permanently plugged into.

The future, it seems, is bright for our children. The problem is that right now they can just be a bit annoying.

This is a collection of notes I made on a train into London whilst listening in on a conversation with a mother and her 13-year-old daughter.
From what I could gather the daughter was going to an event and the mother was accompanying her just for the commute. The girl hadn’t travelled up to London (from Surrey) that much so the mother was trying to help her out whilst at the same time trying to give her some independence.
All that isn’t really important…..enjoy the teenage logic working at its best

Right, do you know which way to go?
Why not, didn’t you plan a route?
I didn’t plan a route because I knew you were coming and you’d do it.
But I wanted you to find it out for yourself.
But I saw you plan the route, it seemed a waste of time me doing it again if you’ve already done it.
But I want you to learn to do it yourself.
But you’ve already planned the route?
I want you to work it out for yourself
But why would you not give me the route?
Because I want you to do it for yourself
But that’s like making dinner and then making me cook my own
But I’d still like you to plan the route, you can do it now on your phone
I don’t want to use up my 4G. I would have planned the route if I’d know you wanted me to. What if I run out of 4G when I need to use maps later? You won’t be around and I’ll be lost in London without 4G.

Have you decided what you’re going to have for lunch?
I’m sure in London I’ll be able to find somewhere to eat.
Right, how much money did you bring?
I don’t have money because I knew you were coming with me.
What makes you think I’d bring money for you?
Your my mum, it’s your job to feed me.

Right, back to the route, how are you going to find your way if you haven’t worked out the route?
I’ll get an Uber
You don’t have an Uber account
Then I’ll just download the app
But you don’t have a credit card
I’ll use yours like I do with all my App Store purchases.
It doesn’t work like that.
Then I’ll call you for credit card details.
You’re not having your own Uber account.

I never did find out if the girl conceded defeat and planned her own route that day. Having stayed on the train two stops further than my destination I was already late for my appointment…..but the comments about getting an Uber were worth it!

A very yummy mummy

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