Terrible twos…. at 18 months!

Terrible twos…. at 18 months!

If you speak with anyone at Lily’s nursery, playgroups or any family members, they’ll say she is one of the best-behaved children you will ever meet. Now, although this is true, for the past month or so, at home it’s like a different child has moved in!

We had a short spell of tantrums with Lily just after her first birthday, but we were sure these were gone for good as they only lasted a couple of weeks. Yeah right! We were wrong and now these are well and truly back. Unfortunately, this time it’s even worse!

Just this week, we woke up to find that Lily had somehow managed to reach a pen on the table outside of her room (which has now been moved). First, we noticed her hands covered in ink and black stains all over her stair gate, which she had attempted to climb over leaving a large trail of inky handprints. Then, we found a beautiful drawing she had decided to create on her bedroom carpet; a cream carpet! I nearly cried… This was not what I needed to see at 7:30 am; I felt as if I was going to explode with anger!

Up until now, she had never attempted to draw on anything other than paper. I didn’t really understand why she had, all of the sudden, done such thing. Not to mention that, later that day after her nap, she proceeded to pull out every single wet wipe from the packet in her changing bag followed by all of her old clothes from the closet.


‘Surely there is a reason why she is suddenly misbehaving’, I though.




As I’m certain most parents do, I turned to good old Google in the search for answers. After googling for a while, I found a forum on the Baby Centre’s website with a mum who found herself in a very identical situation. Every response she had referred to the early terrible twos. My heart sank… I am nowhere near prepared for this!

Reading further through the forum, it quickly got to a point where parents with older children were sharing their experiences and it was strangely comforting to find out that it does actually get better; not sure when though.

These parents were also giving some really good and useful advice. Firstly, it’s best for one to stay calm and avoid getting angry. Unfortunately, I do not have the longest patience so this was a huge challenge! However, and despite the struggle, it did work.

Before, when I would shout, Lily would start flapping her arms about, hitting and just scream at me. Trying my best to stay calm really helped as I did this while also attempting to explain to her exactly what she had done wrong. I would then always ask her to say sorry.

For the first few days, she didn’t really understand what ‘sorry’ was but, after a trip to the library, she saw another boy being asked to apologize to someone. He ran up to this person, gave them a hug and, the following day, Lily did exactly the same when asked for an apology!

‘Okay, so this is going well. We’ve got sorry sorted.’


The second piece of advice was about making sure there was consistency when it came to punishment. Now, my question for you all is, ‘how do I punish someone so young?’ If I take away a toy, she’ll just find another one, I clearly cannot leave her in her room anymore and if I tell her to stand in the ‘naughty corner’, she just walks off.

I’m still struggling with this one and I am definitely at my wits end. I think what’s hardest to accept is the fact that she is not doing any of this at nursery, neither when she is out with other people. She only does it when she is with me and I can’t figure out if I am doing something wrong!

Have you gone through something similar? Please feel free to share your experiences and any advice! I am sure myself and many other parents would greatly appreciate!

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