Sun, Sea and Sailing! – The new way to holiday as a family

Sun, Sea and Sailing! – The new way to holiday as a family

Have you ever considered a sailing holiday with your family? Discover the holiday that truly has something for all the family – on a skippered flotilla. From action and adventure on the high seas to beautiful harbours with quayside restaurants, snorkelling, swimming, diving and so much more. For children, sailing is all about capturing the spirit of exploration; discovering hidden caves, rowing to sandy beaches and finding the perfect jumping-off-the-boat spots. Family Travel Show Exhibitors Sunsail and Nipper Skipper share with Eddie Catz why you should try a sailing holiday, any time of year, for your next holiday plus tips on how to convince young children to wear safety gear.

Hunt pirates in the Caribbean!

Planning on going a bit further abroad this year? Sunsail have got swaying palm trees, glorious weather and drinks with umbrellas just waiting for you in the British Virgin Islands. The ideal destination for a relaxing trip, this laidback location features calm conditions, line-of-sight sailing and easy island-to-island hops meaning you’ll never be far from a beautiful stopover. Would-be Blackbeards can join a seafaring adventure in October with our Treasure Sail weeks – explore the BVI, collect the treasure and make some ne’er-do-wells walk the plank!

Sunsail Vounaki Greece May 2010


Leave it to Sunsail with a skippered holiday!

If you like the idea of sailing, but you’ve never sailed before, you can leave the hard work to one of our friendly, experienced Skippers! They’ll take the helm and act as your personal guide to your destination, full of tips and tricks on the best beaches, bays and places for dinner.

But remember, safety first!

Sailing with children – tips from Nipper Skipper

It’s hard sometimes to convince young children to wear safety gear – especially if it’s not comfy or a little bulky.

One way of helping the situation can be to get their favourite teddy or doll dressed up ready to sail as well. Don’t worry, you don’t need to produce a full life jacket in the style of a Blue Peter make – something cut out of an old flannel or piece of robust fabric will do just fine. The RNLI sell several Teddies already kitted out if you’d like to support them – but it’s about the dressing process rather than the actual item so don’t worry if your Teddy doesn’t look quite as smart as this.

teddy life jacket rnli 2

Once you have a Teddy size life jacket you can then share the duty of getting little one and teddy ready at the same time. It can become a game or fun race to see who gets themselves kitted up first. But remember, what you’re doing is encouraging your child to consider safety as part of the whole sailing or boating experience. If they start from when they’re young, then the process of boat preparation (including personal safety) will become engrained and second nature as they grow up. Our children (now rather bigger!) don’t question whether or not to wear their life jackets…they just go and get them and put them on as part of preparing the boat. In the same way we put on safety belts in cars – life jackets can become a routine action.

For more information on fitting lifejackets for all ages go to:


With 40 years of experience behind them, Sunsail can help you organise everything you’ll need to holiday in safety and comfort, from choosing your destination and yacht, assisting with flights and  transfers, to learning to sail, safety netting and lifejackets. Chill out on a family-friendly Flotilla holiday (with a Kids Co-ordinator to keep everyone entertained on Lefkas Flotillas!) or combine work and play on one of their great combined Flotilla and School courses.

The Family Travel Show takes place in London's Olympia on 31st October- 1st November 2015. Packed full of inspiration and information, the Family Travel Show will bring together the best specialist operators and family holiday providers all under one roof.

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