Probably the best school fair raffle in the world

Probably the best school fair raffle in the world

Well it’s time again for the highlight of the school year, otherwise known as The Summer ClearlyFiveGrandATermIsn’tEnoughGiveUsMoreMoney Fair.
Of course I made myself available to help with the fundraising in the build up to the big day. I’d like to make it clear that this has nothing to do with my commitment to our children’s future was brought into question after I missed The Easter Don’tMentionJesusWeMightOffendSomeone Charity Auction.

My job as one of the AlphaMums has been to source raffle prizes from local businesses. This has proved to be harder than we expected as most shop staff just give our painstakingly prepared fundraising letter a blank look or just tell us to call head office.

We soon realised that overpriced vintage furniture, Daddles and iPotties were out of our reach so we had to look a bit further afield.
In truth we might have been gazumped by the TrophyWives at StYouDon’tHaveToBeCatholicButItHelps Prep who it seems had already drained the resources from the Northcote Road. Rumour has it their “Fayres” bring in excess of 15k and has funded their widely envied electronic tagging scheme for students.

With a little persistence we brought together a fine bounty of prizes

3 plastic bowls of fruit on any given Monday morning from “Dave’s” green grocery/corner shop/Internet cafe/money transfer centre/newsagent
An iPhone 4 phone cover and charger, also from Dave’s
2 bottles of Smirnoffski Vodka and an Oyster card again from Dave’s.
A Sega MegaDrive and 4 games from Pawn World
A month’s supply of goldfish food and a goldfish from Pets in the City
A kitchen design consultation from S.T.D. Kitchens
A set meal for two on any weekday between 2pm and 5pm excluding Friday’s at Popa-Dom Preach
A mini facial from Facial Attraction
One toner refill from Alan Cartridge
A free MOT for any Volkswagen at Old Volks Home
A men’s short back and sides from Barbour Blacksheep
A half head of highlights from Deb ‘n’ Hair
Spanish lessons with Juan in a Million
A large cod and chips from A Salt and Battery
A puncture repair kit from Cycloanalysts
A one hour boxercise class at Blow Jab
A slightly damaged Jaegermister mini fridge from Sellfridges
A burger, chips and drink combo from Hindenburger

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