Please someone buy my old junk – Collection Only

Please someone buy my old junk – Collection Only

A few weeks ago as was invited (and encouraged) to join a local Facebook Mums group by a NCT friend of mine.
I’ve never really been a big fan of Facebook or online groups but I promised myself that I would make a concerted effort to be more social online in the hope that this will allow me to meet more interesting people in the real world. It turns out that this particular social group isn’t about meeting up drinking coffee and comparing our parenting skills but instead it’s mothers trying to sell junk to each other.

I have a feeling that many of the things for sale have already done the rounds on eBay and other groups as you could easily replace the term “pre-loved” with “been around a bit”.

I was a bit shocked at what people were trying to sell and amazed at their ‘pitches’. I’ve picked out a few of the highlights and added in my own translated descriptions.

Ikea Adult cream chair – removable covers On sale again due to time wasters  Pet and smoke free home Some faded stains on the seat £25

Disgusting chair from a home that might be smoke and animal free but probably needs a good clean. The covers are removable and washable but the owner felt that the dirt added character. Previous “time waster” didn’t agree. 


Chrome effect bathroom tidy/ storage stand Some minor rust . Total height 35 inch. Collection by station. £7

Rusty old tat you might find next to a wheely bin in Tooting for sale. Meet me by the station because I don’t want the sort of person who would buy this knowing where I live. 


KMS California summer freeze spray, unopened, £2

Hairspray stolen from Boots for sale. 


This is next to the gun shop. If you know the little owner tell her please.

I have your doll and I spend time at gun shops. If you want to see her again then there will be a ransom to pay. 


Box of approx 20 new black luxury padded hangers £10 

Collection of coat hangers for sale from when I tried to start my own business at home selling knock off dresses. The term luxury is used in the loosest possible way. 


Still available. Painted cast iron Victorian fireplace. Dimensions -  90cm wide mantel 78cm wide between screw fixings 100cm tall 44cm wide middle section 74cm tall middle section 15cm depth of middle section £35. Pick up.

We never liked this fireplace when we moved in but if you can be bothered to come and lug it away it’s yours for only £35. It’s been in the garden since we moved in so it’s very likely the dog has done his business on it a few times. 


make an offer….

Please someone take this horrible thing away. 


1970′s bar for sale, needs attention £50 ono

Before we had children we liked the idea of having our own bar in the living room for when we were entertaining.
We now have children. 


Lonely Planet Denmark book. £10.49 on Amazon, yours for £4. Collection.

Found this book in a box in the loft. We bought it off eBay for £4. We never went to Denmark.   


Just completed my 3rd training session. I’m now advanced Skincare trained by the Body Shop. Im booking Facials for July. Just £20 and get £20 worth of products free!

I spent an afternoon in the BodyShop doing a course designed to get unskilled women to sell their products. Now I’ve convinced myself that I’m some sort of skin specialist so if you’d like me to rub your face then it’ll only cost you a mere £20. 


JoJo Maman present card £2

I bought this card for my sister’s four year old but then we had an arguement and I haven’t spoken to her in a year and a half.
Going through some stuff yesterday and I found it, may as we’ll try and sell it. 

A very yummy mummy

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