Photographing your family the definitive guide to iPhoneography

Photographing your family the definitive guide to iPhoneography

iPhoneography is a term which was coined way back in 2007 as a reference to iPhone photography.
By the time the iPhone 4 was released many professional photographers began using this term and using their camera phone images as a way to showcase their skills on social media.

Today it seems everyone has their family albums stored in the iCloud and iPhoneography is far more serious than just behind the scene happy snaps.

Camera phone images do of course have their limitations. Whilst images might look great on your phone that’s probably the best place to keep them in regards to image quality. They certainly wouldn’t suit being blown up and framed but that’s why you still have professional photographers like me.

After 20 months in Windows Phone wilderness I have gone back to Apple and upgraded myself to an iPhone 6. Since then I have once again been embracing the wonderful world of iPhoneography whilst photographing my own young family.
The truth is my non-photographer wife is far more proficient when it comes to taking pictures on her phone of our daughter. I think perhaps she should be writing this article but you’ll have to make do with my perspective!

So here is my definitive guide to photographing your family iPhoneography style.

Obviously first on the list is an iPhone but the truth is most camera phones these days are pretty good. This article does have an Apple bias so not all of the apps I mention will be avaibile on other platforms.

Keeping it steady
Jobe GripTight Stand for Smartphones
Then is a great way to secure and stabilise your iPhone anywhere. This all terrain tripod is designed to be flexible and its wrappable joints and grippy rubber feet allow you to secure your iPhone all manner of objects.

Extra lenses
These might be just a but of extra fun but a wide angle lens does come in very handy! They can normally be brought very cheaply online.

Selfie Stick and remote
Perhaps 2014 was the year of the selfie stick but that doesn’t meant they’re not handy to have. Make sure you get a BlueTooth trigger too!

iCloud is an obvious choice as if you have a number of different devices it’ll sync up nicely. Make sure you enable this by going into your settings > iCloud > Photos and enable iCloud Photo Library.
In order to make the best use of your iPhone’s memory enable Optimise iPhone Storage and Upload to My Photo Stream.

A wise man once told me that in the digital work nothing really exists unless it exists in at least two different places. For this reason it’s good to have a backup plan if Apple’s iCloud falls from the sky or you simple lose your phone.

Amazon Photo
With Amazon’s Prime Membership you not only get next day delivery and streaming movies but you also have UNLIMITED cloud storage of photos (and a limited amount of space for videos).
This is very handy as I now have all my family studio pictures and our iPhone pictures all backed up in one place.

Shooting Apps
In all honesty I like the way way the iPhone controls work but if you are looking for a bit more control then you can’t go far wrong with ProCam 2 which also offers image and video editing.
If you are looking to create a HDR image then ProCam 2 is far better than the native camera app.
I’m also quite keen on Camera Awesome which is a great free app from SmugMug. It has some nice filters and simlair exposure and focus controls as ProCam 2.

Editing Apps
By far my favourite editing app is SnapSpeed which was acquired by Google a couple of years ago
SnapSpeed has a wide range of editing tools which allow you to tune your images for instant fixes, enhance details and transform perspectives.
You can selectively adjust areas of your image to edit with a very handy brush tool as well as making spot repairs.
Along with all that there are a wide array of filters including lens blur, HDR Scape, Grainy Film, Vintage and my favourite Drama.
Best of all it’s free.

Adobe Express is great for fast photo fixes —crop, straighten, rotate, flip, adjust colour, and remove red eye and pet eye.
Adjust hue, brightness, white balance, and more with easy slider controls.
Enhance in fun artistic ways with Looks like Vibrant, Superpunch, and Glow.
Add a finishing touch with borders and frames.

There are also add-ons such as Adobe Advanced Pack which offers noise reduction to reduce grain and speckling in your night photos and the new DeFog to reduce fog and haze from photos.

Adobe Photoshop Mix gives you powerful, easy-to-use tools that let you combine and cut out images, apply looks, and make nondestructive edits on your iPhone. Easily select the portions of an image you want to remove with your finger or stylus —such as Adobe Ink, Wacom, and Pencil by 53 — combine two photos.

Typic and Typic Kids (Bundle Deal) I do like adding text and image overlays and there are a lot of them about. Typic off a nice little bundle deal where you can get Typic and Typic Kids.
Typic includes 84 amazing fonts, 23 filters, 12 light leak filter effects, 294 design elements, 12 frames and a 21 colour palette that you can apply to texts and design elements
Typic Kids includes 90 Stickers to add on your photos, 28 fonts, 20 spectacular frames and 11 filters to enhance your pics!


Made with #TYPIC @typicappofficial

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Phoster is a user-friendly application to create stylish posters and various invitation cards. With stylish templates which are already within the application, you will be able to create posters without great effort. When you get the job done of first step making posters, you can utilize various effects and decorates to complete the chic posters your own. Best of Juicy Bits for iPhone gives you four of our best award-winning photo apps for your iPhone, all in one bundle. Halftone 2 (an Apple Editors’ Choice and App Store Best of 2013 winner) makes it easy to turn your friends and family into comic book heroes by creating multi-page comic books and dynamic videos. Halftone 2 iPhone app Layout (an Apple Editors’ Choice and App Store Best of 2012 winner) enables you to quickly create a custom layout of your photos, apply filters and special effects, add captions, choose page backgrounds, and share the final result. Layout iPhone app Halftone (an Apple App of the Week and App Store Rewind 2011 winner) keeps it extra simple by taking a single photo and turning it into a real comic panel. Think of this as the fast version of its successor, Halftone 2. 3D Camera (which received a 4.5 out of 5 rating from Macworld) helps you create real 3D photos that can be viewed with red/cyan glasses or by using a cross-eyed viewing technique that doesn’t require glasses at all. Make photos that actually pop out of the screen! Sharing Apps Obviously many apps have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sharing built in but here’s a couple you might not be using. Photo Sphere Camera by Google allows you to create beautiful, 360º panoramas and publish them to Google Maps. Explore a global map of other public photo spheres too. At up to 50 megapixels, these high resolution photo spheres let you to look up, down and all around to revisit the amazing places that you and others have visited. London_-_Michael_Shilling_-_Views_-_Google_Maps Flipagram is the easiest way to share all the great stories trapped on your phone! Create fun short videos with your photos, video clips, and favorite music. Share privately or with followers in the Flipagram community and beyond.

Elodiedh’s first year (nearly) #flipagram made with @flipagram. See full video at flipagram.com/michaeleshilling

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Printing Apps

Most big labs offer their own apps which make it so much easier than taking your phone into a shop.

Snapfish Photo & Personalised Gift App is a great way to order prints and personalised photo gifts from your mobile or tablet.
Share & access photos from Snapfish, Facebook and Instagram or directly from your smart phone or tablet.
Upload your mobile photos safely into your secure Snapfish account and create beautiful prints & photo panels directly from the app, or access your treasured mobile photos in your Snapfish account on the website to order a wide range of personalised photo gifts like mugs, phone cases, canvas prints, 2015 calendars and more.

PhotoBox create unique and personalised photo gifts on the go. Simply upload photos from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or PhotoBox account.
New to PhotoBox? Create an account and receive 30 FREE photo prints and unlimited storage.

Woodpost by Fuzel allows moments captured on your phone to be easily turned into beautiful story on wood.
Simply choose your photo, preferred size, and suitable template, add recipient & pay, straight from the app

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