Photographing your family iPhoneography location session

Photographing your family iPhoneography location session

I’m a firm believer that it’s possible to take great photos of your family whatever camera you are using. The thing about camera phone images is that they only really look their best in one place and that’s on a Retina HD LED-backlit screen (on your phone in other words).
When you try and print or enlarge these photos then the poorer quality of the the sensor the the camera’s lens becomes more apparent.
If you want a large family portrait or beautiful photo of your baby then come and see us in the studio.
If you want to take some fun pictures of your family on holiday this summer and share them on Instagram or Facebook then this is a great place to start.
If you haven’t already do read my Definitive guide to iPhoneography. This will give you some tips about which iPhone apps to use, how best to store your images and fun ways to share your photos.

This time of year I love photographing in the sunshine out on location.
We do have a great deal on at the moment where you can get a location portrait session with Memory Gate Photography for only £20. Best of all your entire shoot fee will be donated to Tommy’s Children’s Charity.
Obviously my iPhone is never my camera of choice for location portraits nor is it where I edit my photos. But I wanted to see what sort of photos I could get if I shot and edited an entire portrait session on my iPhone.

I used my favourite model (my daughter) and one of my favourite locations Nonsuch Park in Cheam.
I wanted to keep things as simple as possible so I didn’t use any lights, reflectors or any other type of attachment or accessory.

When we shot a portrait session either in our Wimbledon studio or on location we always try to put together a selection of 30 fully edited images for our clients to see. For the purposes of this exercise I decided that I would do the same for my iPhoneography.

We also try and do all of our portrait sessions in about an hour. Depending on the age of our little models this is normally more than enough.
During my iPhoneography portrait session we did take a bit longer than an hour but that was only because we stopped at Nonsuch Mansion for a slice of cake and to watch the doggies.

I edited a few of the images on the go, sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram whilst the rest I edited later that evening whilst watching the One Show.
There’s a couple of apps I really like for editing but most of them were enhanced using SnapSpeed.

I’m pretty happy with the finished results. I have put together a few in is gallery but to see the rest head over to my Instagram page.










Here’s 5 tips to taking pictures of your family on your iPhone this summer

1. Think about the light. Photographing in the shade can produce the best results in regards to an even exposure.

2. Think about the background. If it’s no good the move yourself or the subject.

3. Try the continuous shooting mode. This will help you capture the really decisive moments.

4. Make the act of taking photos fun, involve your children in the process and make a game of it.

5. Pass the camera around…..otherwise you’ll never be in the pictures!


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