How to paint an Eddie Catz Face!

How to paint an Eddie Catz Face!

For all the kids that want to be Eddie, here are some simple steps on how to paint an Eddie face!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 x clean sponges
  • A medium paint brush
  • Black, White, Orange, Yellow and Red or Pink facepaint (check out Snazaroo)
  • A cup of water

Paint an Eddie Face

How to do it in 5 steps!

  1. White – using the sponge take the white paint and dab around to make the cheeks and all over the mouth. Place the sponge on the child’s closed eye and swipe outwards to create the eyes.
  2. Yellow –  Taking the yellow on a sponge, fill in all of the face where it is not white.
  3. Black brush work – Now take a medium sized brush with some orange paint and draw two ears on the child’s forehead. Using the same clean brush with black paint, draw on the eye brows so that they are spiky. Fill the eyebrows in using the black. Now on the original ears go over them with the black to outline them.
  4. Outlines – Continuing with the black paint lightly outline the white cheeks, filling in the nose at the end. Now draw a line starting from the underneath of the nose to the lips. After that draw a line on each side of the mouth carrying it on in a curved line and dot the cheeks with some freckles. Using the black paint brush, paint a triangle in the middle of the forehead and three small triangles on each side of the face.  Paint two whiskers coming out of the cheeks.
  5. Lips – using red or pink paint, paint the bottom lip.

Show us your faces! Tag us in them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #PaintMeEddie!

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