The New Craze: Rainbow Looms!

The New Craze: Rainbow Looms!

Everybody is wearing them and we don’t mean just kids! They can keep your kids occupied for HOURS. You can make bracelets, rings, sculptures, skipping ropes, head bands, key rings and if you are feeling brave, jackets.

Rainbow Loom

Do you have to buy the whole kit? They are super easy to make and quite cheap! Not only can you just get coloured bands but there are scented, camouflage and glitter bands. Because they are so easy to make you can take them anywhere with you. If you know you are going somewhere where you kids might get bored all you need is a little bag with some bands. You don’t even need the “loom” to make all the different styles. They are sold in all different toy shops and if you can’t find the colour you are looking for look on Amazon.

How do you make them? The best place to learn how to make them is YouTube. There are loads of tutorials on how to make them and they are all really easy to understand. If you are feeling really confident you can try and make an animal.

How do you store them without them going everywhere? Simple. If you go to any craft store they should have boxes that have dividers in them so you can put all the different coloured bands in them. You can even use small sandwich bags to put them in.

Here are a few tutorials to start you off:



Elastic Bands

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