How to Make a Balloon Dog

How to Make a Balloon Dog

Watch this video for an easy to follow step-by-step guide to making your own balloon dog! You will need a modelling balloon and a balloon pump to inflate and then you are ready to go!

Step 1. Inflate the balloon

Inflate the balloon to about 2-3 inches from the end. Make sure you leave just enough space so you can do the twists you need so the balloon won’t pop.

Step 2. Head

Twist one basic medium-to-large sized bubble, which will form the snout of the dog.

Step 3. Ears

Twist two basic small loops to form the dog’s ears. These should be smaller than the snout. Your balloon sculpture should now resemble the head of a dog.

Step 4. Neck

Twist a medium sized bubble that is smaller then the snout. This will form the dog’s neck.

Step 5. Front legs

Twist two large bubbles bigger then the snout like in the video. These will form the dog’s front legs. Your twisted balloon sculpture should now resemble the front of a dog with its head and front legs.

Step 6. Body

Twist one large bubble bigger then the snout and the same size as the front legs. This will form the dog’s body.

Step 7. Back legs

Twist two larger bubbles a bit bigger than the front legs, like in the video. These will form the dog’s back legs. The last balloon segment that is left after twisting the back legs will form the dog’s tail.  Fix it by moving the air inside the balloon and create the tail that you want. If you want a poodle’s tail gently move the air to the end.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now twisted a dog balloon. Show us your own balloon animals using the hashtag  #EddieBalloonAnimals

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