Lullabies to play your baby for parents who were teenagers in the 90s

Lullabies to play your baby for parents who were teenagers in the 90s

Last week I made a wonderful and exciting discovery on YouTube. This discovery was called Rockabye Baby.
What Rockabye Baby do is take the songs from your youth and turn them into soothing instrumental lullabies for your baby.
One thing I noticed as a browsed the playlist that there were a number of songs, mostly rock, from the 90′s.
If you were a teenager in the 90′s, wore combats that were purchased in an ex-army shop, had an uncut and curtains, had a pair of 18 hole Dr Martens or owned the soundtrack to the film Singles then this playlist is for you!
This is truly a playlist for Generation X parents.

rockabye baby

1. Come as you are – Nirvana
Released in 1992 this was Nirvana’s 2nd UK hit from their Nevermind album. I didn’t actually own a copy of the album till just before Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994. Ben from school recorded a copy for me on tape and I was listening to it as we sailed across The Channel on our way back from a school ski trip when we found out about the frontman’s suicide.
A true 90′s anthem and it pains me to see kid’s Nirvana T-Shirt in Next (whatdotheyknow ?)

2. Alive – Pearl Jam
Although Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten was released with this single in 1991 I distinctly remember people wearing Alive T-Shirts at house parties till at least 1996.
I actually owned the CD of this album though I did make a copy on tape so I could listen to it on my Walkman.

3. November Rain – Guns N Roses
Released in the UK in 1992 on the 18th Feb, a date that would become my wedding anniversary 15 years later.
If you had cable or BSkyB then you’d remember when MTV only had one channel and only played music. They played this song a lot.
Actually, MTV did have “The Real World” which was really the beginning of the end for modern broadcasting.

4. Always – Bon Jovi
This 1994 hit is what you might describe as a proper power ballad. Normally this would go on the HiFi at a house party when things were slowing down and all the Strongbow had been finished. It’s entirely possible that I touched a girl’s boob whilst this song played.
Everyone owned Bon Jovi’s Crossroad album which their first greatest hits CD but very few admitted it.

5. Girls and Boys – Blur
I hated this song when it came out but by the time End of a Century was released in 2004 I was a 2nd-hand tracksuit wearing convert.

6. Under The Bridge – The Red Hot Chilli Peppers
A big hit from Blood Sugar Sex Magik, an album that everyone owned even though they didn’t have any of the previous 4 albums.
This song would go on mid house party and we would all sing along before one of us had to go puke in the garden.
In 1998 by the British/Canadian pop band All Saints covered (and destroyed) this song before reaching number one in the United Kingdom. The cover removed the final verse of the song that discusses drug use (lame).

7. Farewell and Goodnight – The Smashing Pumpkins
By the time The smashing pumpkins released their 28 track double album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness in 1995 I had already created 3 volumes of early 90s rock ballads I titled “Chill Out 1″, “Chilli Out 2″ and “Chill Out 3″. Although this song never made it as a single it made it to “Chill Out Vol 4″.

Having complied this list I realised two things. The first was that all the best music in the 90s was made before 1996. The 2nd was that babies born in 1996 would now be 18 years old.
The latter realisation was quite distressing, although thankfully I found comfort in this rather nostalgic post.

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