Incorrect parenting

Incorrect parenting

I often struggle to remember what parenting was like in the days before Facebook. If we had an issue or problem I’m sure it was a parent we turned to for advice. Occasionally you would of course ask your small circle of friends but only if the issue or problem would not make you appear to be a bad or complacent parent.

How did Facebook change this or has it just opened me eyes to others’ stupidity?

Perhaps it’s a little of both. Perhaps the separation that Facebook creates allows people actually release the stream of nonsense that is their every thought.

Life, it appears, is very difficult for some people. I don’t mean financially or physically but actually doing day to day mundane things.
I have a theory that Darwin was in fact wrong. Not wrong in the sense that the Creationists are right, but wrong in reference the the survival of the fittest.
The fact that Jeremy Kyle has been on television for 10 years is surely evidence of this conclusion.

I have a bad habit of joining local mum’s Facebook Groups. I have an even worse habit of actually interacting in these groups. Every day I feel myself biting my tongue, holding back the need to shout out at my iPhone “You’re an idiot, how is it possible to have survived on this earth for this long?”
But I can hold the silence for no longer for today FabulaMum is launching her very own hashtag and I urge you to use it where you think the world needs it.

This hashtag is #incorrectparenting

Here’s a few examples of how you might use it.

JeremyKyleMum : My daughter burn her arm and it looks really bad. Here’s a photo. What should I treat it with?

FabulaMum : #incorrectparenting get off Facebook and call the doctor.

BigMacMum : Our baby has started weaning and I want her to try red meat. Which would be best, frozen supermarket burgers or MacDonald’s?

FabulaMum : #incorrectparenting You and your children are a burden to the NHS

RidiculousMum : We don’t want to impose a gender identity on our child.

FabulaMum : #incorrectparenting you had a boy and you were hoping for a girl didn’t you?

EarthMum : I don’t see the problem with breastfeed toddlers, my daughter is three and she finds it very comforting.

FabulaMum : #incorrectparenting. This would be when breast isn’t best.

TryHardMum : I’ve been trying the Gina Ford method for…….

FabulaMum : #incorrectparenting

PartyMum : How much are you allowed to drink during pregnancy?

FabulaMum : #incorrectparenting

LazyMum : What’s a suitable buggy for a 4 year old?

FabulaMum : #incorrectparenting there is no suitable buggy for a 4 year old. Make them walk, that’s why they have legs.

FrugalMum : Aldi do some great deals on nappies.

FabulaMum : #incorrectparenting

KiddingHerselfMum : We want I child to grow up in an environment where they’re don’t hear the word no

FabulaMum : #incorrectparenting Perhaps the continent might be a good place for that then?

BuzzWordMum : We’ve been trying baby led weaning.

FabulaMum : #incorrectparenting Is that where they cook their own dinner or just when they get to order whatever they like from Pizza Express?

incorrect parenting


I have also borrowed a nice picture from the boys at Memory Gate and added the hashtag into it. Feel free to use this as a photo comment where you see fit.

A very yummy mummy

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