How to host the perfect Christmas Party

How to host the perfect Christmas Party

Thinking of hosting your own Christmas party this yule-tide? Here’s all the information you need to make it the perfect festive gathering and one of the most magical experiences for your children.

The Invitations:
These cool snowman invitations are a great way to get all of your guests in the festive mood, and they’re incredibly easy to make. Just find a simple snowman template online, or create your own, and cut them out on white card, adding some smaller circles of black card for buttons down the middle and a hat for our Frosty friend to wear. You can then simply write all of the important details on the back!


Costumes are a great way to ensure that the Christmas theme is met, why not get all of the children to dress up as elves and reindeer and ask one of the adult guests to be Santa Claus who could then give out some special gifts to all of the little children!

Of course the beautifully decorated Christmas tree is all but essential, and the rest of the decorations can really make that extra difference. You could even make a room in your house your very own Santa’s Grotto adding fairy lights and lots of small festive items such as snow globes and of course tinsel, you could even send the children in here to meet Santa and collect a goodie bag as they leave. Or to save the hassle and have a magical experience simply visit Santa’s Grotto London at our Eddie Catz Wimbledon centre (http://www.santasgrotto.london).

Santas Grotto london 2

Fun & Games:
Throughout the party keep the children entertained with some fun and easy party games that are familiar to every party.

Pass the Christmas Parcel – Wrap up some Christmas sweets or small gifts and get the children to sit in a circle and play a Christmas playlist stopping the music intermittently for each child to unwrap a layer.

Arts & Crafts – Why not get the children to help making some of the above decorations. The children could all make some decorative snowflakes with a simple piece of A4 paper, some scissors, glue and glitter. All the children need to do is fold the paper and cut small segments out before opening it, adding a small amount of glue and a sprinkle of glitter to make some beautiful decorative snowflakes that the grownups can then simply hole punch and put some string through to hang up around the room. The children could even take these home at the end of the party!

The Playlist:
There are hundreds of thousands of Christmas CD’s available, so you can either choose one of these for your festive party or create your own personalised playlist on a music streaming service such as Spotify, choosing exactly the songs that you would like your guests to listen to.

Merry Christmas from Eddie and the team!

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