Hosting the perfect ‘Frozen’ party

Hosting the perfect ‘Frozen’ party

The ‘Frozen Fanfare’:
Frozen has been Disney’s highest grossing movie ever. Released in 2013, it depicts the tale of sisters Anna and Elsa and little girls, boys and grown-ups alike have been talking about it ever since. Its popularity shows no sign of waning and the phenomenon continues to grow with karaoke bars hosting dedicated Frozen sing-a-long nights, YouTube memes and even dedicated Frozen costume selling outlets. But how do you host the perfect Frozen birthday party?

The Invitations:
All good birthday parties have to begin somewhere, so why not extend the Frozen theme to the invitations? You and your very own Elsa could create some snowflake invites like these seen below.

Snowflake invite

The Decorations:
This has to be one of the most important aspects of turning your party area into a Frozen themed spectacle. An advisable colour theme would be: Powder blues, purples and whites, with snowflakes, banners, reindeers and amazing cardboard cut-outs to really emphasise the Frozen theme. This room below looks perfect, and really is the eternal winter as seen in the film.


The Outfit:
All birthday princesses want to look good on their birthday, and having a Frozen themed party should be no different. Most little girl’s will want to look the exact replica of snow queen Elsa or her estranged sister Anna on their big day and costumes are relatively easy to find, and can look great. Or alternatively, why not make your own!

The Party Food:
As an interesting alternative why not offer your party guests ‘Olaf Banana treats. Simply pop 3 small slices of Banana onto a skewer and then decorate. You can use mini chocolate chips, orange Smarties and Pretzel pieces for the arms! They not only look great, but taste great as well. You can also turn a regular dough ball into a Frozen themed ‘Snowball’ by adding a little powdered sugar.

Food for Frozen


Party Games:
No party is quite complete without some fun party games, and a Frozen party should be no different to that. There are thousands of Frozen themed party games floating around and a few of my personal favourites include:
• Pin the carrot nose on Olaf: A really simple, easy and fun game to play. Simply print out, I would advise on A3 if possible a picture of Olaf the Reindeer and then cut a small orange cardboard nose out for him. The children then take it in turns, perhaps you could even do boys vs. girls, blindfolded to try and pin the nose on Olaf.
• Four Corners: A fun way to use up all of the children’s energy! Design four different signs named after specific areas in Frozen – North Mountain, Arundel, Southern Isles and Oakens Trading Post and place them in the four different corners of the room. Once the music playing is stopped, shout one of the aforementioned areas that all the children have to run to, the last person to reach the area is out. Remove one or two of the areas to make the game a bit more challenging at the end.

Every party must have a great soundtrack to accompany it. An obvious place to start would be the Official Frozen soundtrack, but if this is not an option why not create your own playlist combining some songs from Frozen alongside your own favourite party songs?

The Birthday Cake:
Arguably the most important aspect of the party, is the birthday cake. You could get a professional to create an outstanding, beautiful deluxe Frozen birthday cake such as the one shown below or alternatively there are also some really cool Frozen Cake Toppers available to buy from some online stores which can turn any cake into a perfect Frozen themed marvel. You can buy a Frozen themed chocolate cake from Eddie Catz too like the one below.

Frozen Cake BigEddie Catz Frozen Cake

The Party Bags:
The take home gift, the lasting memory of the birthday party is once again a greatly important part of throwing the perfect Frozen themed birthday party. You can buy empty Frozen party bags from good online retailers and then choose a few things to fill them with. A few of my personal favourites include:
• Make your own snowflake charm kit
• A Frozen mini colouring book
• An Olaf Supershape foil balloon
• Anna and Elsa Hair slides.

So there you have it! Eddie and his team would love to see some of your ideas. Show us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #FrozenwithEddie. If hosting your own Frozen themed party seems a little bit like hard work, Eddie Catz have a ‘Frozen’ option for themed birthday parties and Frozen birthday cakes too. Click here to find out more on our website.

Fun-loving, long serving, party man of Eddie Catz. If found applying too many filters to one Instagram selfie, please return me to the lost and found department at Putney. Constantly struggling with cheesy pop songs and the desire to sing along to DJ Casper when out and about with friends. Other duties include being "fun-sized"… not short, changing light bulbs and dancing with a giant cat.

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