Home-made chocolate creme eggs

Home-made chocolate creme eggs

There’s something magic about chocolate creme eggs – the illusion of a real egg inside, but a hit of sweet, gooey yumminess instead.  You can turn them into an actual Easter activity with the kids this weekend by having a go at making them yourself.

You will need:

800g milk chocolate of your choice
100g sugar
100g water
500g white fondant icing
Yellow and orange food colouring

And any sized mould to suit your appetite.


⦁ Take 800g chocolate and melt it in a bain marie to 45C. Never a microwave, it won’t achieve a good melt and may burn the chocolate.
⦁ Pour two-thirds of the chocolate on to a large marble surface. Ideally you will have this installed already and call it your counter.  Temper it with a palette knife and a scraper, moving, spreading, piling in, spreading again, moving, until it starts to solidify.( this is purely to make the chocolate shiny )
⦁ Place it back into the remaining third of still melted chocolate. Mix well until evenly smooth. Pour the whole lot into your mould and tap on a work surface to release any air bubbles.
⦁ Leave it for two to three minutes. Pour out the excess. Put the shells in the fridge for 20 minutes.
⦁ Put 100g sugar and 100ml water into a pan and dissolve to make sugar syrup
⦁ Take 500g of white fondant icing, cut it in half, kneed yellow food colouring into one half.
⦁ Grate the icing and mix it with sugar syrup until it is the consistency of buttercream icing
⦁ Fill each shell half with white fondant then a teaspoon size of yellow for the yolk and stick the two halves together with a little melted chocolate.

Have a lovely Easter holiday!


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