Have you turned into your mother? FabulaMum Quiz

Have you turned into your mother? FabulaMum Quiz

Last week without realising it I actually told my youngest to stop pulling faces because if the wind changed her face will stay like that. She looked at me and said “that’s what Granny said”.
It occurred to me that I had in fact turned into my mother. I wasn’t entirely sure how this had happened so I decided to investigate further. When did I turn from yummy mummy FabulaMum into the woman that I had been butting heads with for the past 30something years?
During my research I accumulated a vast array of information from other parents which has formed the based of this quiz.


Now you too can find out if you have turned into your mother.
You know how these things work, answer the questions and count up the answers.


A. Is my life.
B. Gets played on the radio
C. Is not what it used to be.


A. Are a weekly expense.
B. Are mostly purchased online and then returned.
C. Are much more comfortable than they used to be.

Your children….

A. Are your best friends.
B. Are the reason you get up in the morning (to go to work).
C. Are growing up so quickly.

A night out is….

A. With the girls till whateverAM
B. Wine fuelled.
C. Lovely once and a while.

Fashion is….

A. Me.
B. An expense.
C. M&S

My next holiday….

A. Is child free
B. Has a crèche.
C. Is in a caravan.

Sayings your mother used….

A. Are stupid
B. Are apparently made up.
C. Are part of my daily vocabulary.

Your last holiday with your parents was….

A. Forced upon me whilst I was pregnant just before my GCSEs
B. Free childcare
C. Lovely.

Eastenders or Coronation Street?

A. No
B. On whilst I’m at work.
C. Coronation Street for the humour, Eastenders for the drama.

Mum, mummy or Mother?

A. Janet
B. Mother
C. Mummsie

I tell my mum….

A. What she needs to know via text
B. That I’ll see her the weekend after next
C. Everything.

And finally….

Your mum is….

A. Nearly 40.
B. An occasional inconvenience.
C. My best friend.

Mostly As
You are so far from being your mother it’s untrue. In fact you probably shouldn’t be looking after any children as it’s clear you are deeply scared by your childhood.
It’s likely you’re one of those mothers that wants to be friends with thier children and it’s probably because you are still a child yourself.

Mostly Bs
Clearly you’re not quite there yet but give it time. Perhaps the fact that your child’s nanny is doing most of the parenting in your house is the only reason you are still holding onto some scrap of youth.

Mostly Cs
Since having children you discovered a newfound respect for your mother. You started enjoying each other’s company and making a point of seeing each other on a regular basis to “catch up”
Congratulations, not only have you become your mother but it’s most likely in the years to come that it’ll be you that will be her primary caregiver.

A very yummy mummy

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