Is Gluten Free the new trend? Our family’s journey to the gluten free world

Is Gluten Free the new trend? Our family’s journey to the gluten free world

I know this is in the expert advice section – and I am not a nutritionist or expert– but I am the mother of a teenage daughter with Coeliac disease. She was diagnosed at 13 and at the time was underweight, had constant headaches and was having trouble concentrating at school. She all of a sudden refused to have a bun with her hamburger and also never wanted to eat pasta. Fussy teen we thought, but then her grades started to slip too. Thankfully her diagnosis was quick and we soon had her on a gluten free diet and the road to recovery.

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For us as a family it was a shock – I am Italian American and bread and pasta are a staple. I remember coming home the day of her diagnosis and taking everything with gluten out of the closet – cereals, bread, cookies, soy sauce, cake mixes, flour, pasta and more. By the time we’d finished there was actually not too much left. I cried – it was probably harder for me than for her. We also made changes to our business.

This was nearly 4 years ago and yes it was hard at first, but we came out the other side very quickly, swapping bread and pasta for potatoes and rice and cookies for popcorn. The biggest shock was finding out what’s in sausages and swapping to pure gluten free ones with no “fillers” bulking them up.

We also made some changes to our business to accommodate Coeliacs. We started frying the chips separately to coated items (chips are fine for Coeliacs), started stocking gluten free pizza and more – see our FREE FROM menu – http://www.eddiecatz.com/uploads/textareas/file/Free%20From%20Menu.pdf

To be honest, I think we all upped our health by making these changes. Yes, from time to time we cheat a bit, but none of us miss that post-pasta bloated and tired feeling.

Over the years the gluten free options have grown exponentially – Pizza Hut has gluten free pizza, many restaurants offer gluten free pasta, and I couldn’t help but read in Grazia that Starbuck have a Veggie Good Houmous Gluten-Free Wrap.

But, the biggest change is the world is waking up to a gluten free diet. It’s the new trend and healthier – it’s on the radar of the fittest among us and many endurance athletes have ditched gluten from their diets years ago in order to maximise performance. Just check out this article in the NY Times today: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/18/dining/gluten-free-eating-appears-to-be-here-to-stay.html?hpw&rref=dining&_r=0

So whether you are a Coeliac or not – what are your views about going Gluten Free?

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