Gifts for Teachers – End of term gifts

Gifts for Teachers – End of term gifts

It’s that time of year every parent dreads, the summer break. Personally I think the Yanks have got the right idea, send them to summer camp for two months and deal with the guilt by sending them presents on a weekly basis. Sadly all the summer camps in this country feel the need to give you your children back that the end of every day.

But before all that fun begins we have to deal with one very important issue : Gifts for teachers. There’s a reason schools break up 6 months before Christmas as it allows you plenty of time to get your shopping done.
At PayOrYouGo Prep gift giving has become somewhat of a sport, a very competitive sport.
Gift giving is an art form, you want a gift that is suitably original but not too expensive. Some parents feel the need to overspend but that’s often observed as being rather vulgar.
Some mothers have taken the gift giving game into a whole new realm. After realising their children don’t actually use Facebook anymore some have taken it upon themselves have to use it to stalk the teachers instead. You have to be careful with this as you might be in danger of getting a gift that is far too perfect.
Last year MrsMadonnaArms sent her landscapers to Mr FarTooFitToBeAGeographyTeacher’s house to re-design his front garden after seeing a photo of it on Facebook.
Of course she didn’t admit to this but instead stated that someone so pretty clearly hasn’t the time to garden.
The next problem we have is who gets gifts. The Head and the Deputy are always first on the list. The problem is the rest of them.
India despises her PE teacher and to be fair if Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville have taught us anything it’s that it looks like a wrong’un it probably is one.
What I have done this year is to create a tier system for gifts.
Tier 1 – The Head
I know for a fact the head has a weakness for 1945 Chateau Margaux so we added one of those into the St James Hamper we ordered from Fortnum and Mason.
Tier 2 – The Deputy and the favourites
The deputy got a Belgravia Hamper from Fortnum and Mason whereas the other favourites were given some rather lovely Harros Food Hall Collection Hampers.
Tier 3 – The teachers we like and the office staff.
The office staff do like their Duchy Originals and the gents are always happy with a bottle of Herbert Beaufort Grand Cru Champagne from M&S. For the ladies I picked the Peony and Blush Suede Home candle from Jo Malone as it really transforms the atmosphere of a room with its luxurious and opulent scent of peonies in voluptuous bloom.
Tier 4 – The teachers I don’t really like but are keen to keep happy nevertheless.
Groupon vouchers for meals and spa treatments. I’ve never actually brought one of these for myself before but they seem pretty well received. I do worry that a Groupon voucher says “I don’t want to spend any money on you but you look like you need a spa day”.
Tier 5 – Possibly worked for the BBC in the 1970′s
I have to be careful here the wrong gift might be misinterpreted as India being flirtatious.
£5 WH Smiths vouchers for this lot. There nothing more impersonal than that.

A very yummy mummy

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