Fun holiday bakes to try with the kids

Fun holiday bakes to try with the kids

As the kids break up from school for the Christmas holidays, it’s time to start planning some activities to keep them busy. Between trips to the park or museum, make sure you set some time aside for some holiday baking, our favourite thing to do this time of the year!

Here are some fun ideas to try with the kids this Christmas, from decorating biscuits to building Rice Krispies trees.

Holiday Brownie Trees

These holiday trees are the perfect chocolatey treat. Either whip up a batch of your favourite gooey brownies or use a brownie baking mix, like the one we have at Cookie Crumbles. To make the trees, let your brownies cool completely before cutting them into triangles. Decorate with green frosting and some little sweets. For the tree trunk, use the straight end of a candy cane. Wrap them up in cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon for an easy handmade gift!

Holiday Brownie Trees

Santa Cakes

These Santa cupcakes look great and are easy enough for kids to make. The best part is, you don’t need any fancy icing kits for this one. You’ll need some cupcakes with white frosting, red sugar crystal sprinkles, white chocolate chips, brown chocolate chips, red M&Ms (feel free to eat all the other colours in the bag while you’re making these) and shredded coconut. Sprinkle red crystals on just less than half of the cake, then use white chocolate chips to make the brim of Santa’s hat and his pom-pom. Add a red M&M for his nose and two brown ones for his eyes. Then, use some coconut for his fluffy beard.

Santa Cakes

Krispie Treat Trees

These Krispie Treat Trees are a lot of fun to make, even if they’re a bit sticky to make! Make up a batch of Rice Krispies squares, like the ones we used in our Halloween baking post. Shape the mixture into trees by hand, just make sure you grease your paws before or you’ll find yourself in a very sticky predicament! Place your cones onto a tray and let cool for a few hours before decorating. Then, mix up some frosting and get decorating! Pipe some garland and add little M&Ms for ornaments. Little yellow candies work great as stars on the tops of the trees.

Krispy Treat Trees

Melted snowman biscuits

These are so fun to make and the kids can practise their piping skills too. Whip up a batch of your favourite sugar cookies and cut them into simple circles. Once they’re cool, use marshmallows and white icing to make a “puddle” of snow with a marshmallow for the snowman’s head in the centre. Once your icing has set, use icing pens, available at most big grocery stores, to draw on some arms and faces for these poor snowmen, who obviously got too close to the bonfire!

Melted Snowman Biscuits

These are just a few ideas to try this Christmas break, and are a great way to transform those tried and tested recipes into something fun and creative for the holidays. Happy baking this season and we’d love to see some of your creations!

Katie spent lots of afternoons as a kid learning to bake with her Dad. From tarts to pies, cookies and cakes… Her passion for baking brought her to Cookie Crumbles where she shares her passion with kids at workshops.

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