Full-Impact Chocolate Cake

Full-Impact Chocolate Cake

Here’s a colourful, chocolatey treat for you to try yourselves.  This chocolate cake is a feast for the eyes, yet super-simple to create.  It has maximum visual-impact, so would be perfect for a party!


For the cake

  • Butter (unsalted) 260g 
  • Dark muscovado sugar 260g
  • Eggs (free-range preferably)
  • White self-raising flour 260g
  • Baking powder 2½tsp
  • Water (boiling) 8tbsp
  • Cocoa powder 60g


For the buttercream icing

  • Icing sugar sifted 500g
  • Cocoa powder 75g
  • Butter (unsalted) 300g
  • Milk 2tbsp
  • Sweets of your choice
  • Kit-Kat chocolate bars for the outside


chocolate Smarties cake


1        Preheat oven to 180oc/fan-assisted 160oc/Gas mark 4

2        Grease and line three 8-inch cake tins.

3        Use a hand-mixer to cream the butter and sugar in a large bowl until light and fluffy.

4        Add the eggs one at a time, mixing well in between each one.

5        Sift in the baking powder and gently fold into the wet mixture.

6        In a separate bowl mix together the cocoa powder and boiling water to form a paste, before adding to the mixture.  Gently combine together.

7        Once fully-combined, carefully pour the mixture into the 3 prepared cake tins, making sure that all 3 are equal measures.

8        Bake the sponges in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean when you insert it into the middle of the sponges.

9        Once baked, leave the cakes to cool on a wire rack.

chocolate Smarties cake

10      Once cooled, carefully cut out a circle from the centre of  2 of the sponges.  These will be the bottom layers of the cake.

11      Place one of the cakes with a hole on a cake board that you ‘re going to present your cake on.

12     Beat together the icing sugar, cocoa powder and butter to make your buttercream.

13    Spread a thin layer of buttercream on the bottom layer of your cake, not covering the hole. Once iced, place the second holed-cake on top.

14    Fill the hole with any sweets of your choice to the top.

15    Spread a thin layer of buttercream over the top.  Place the final sponge layer without the hole on the top to seal the sweets in.

16    Spread the remainder of the buttercream generously around the outside of the cake.

17    Place chocolate wafer biscuits (we’ve used Kit-Kat) around the side of the cake, making sure that there is a one inch dip so that you  can fill the top with more sweets of your choice.

chocolate Smarties cake


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