Eddie Goes Around the World in 18 Days! – Part I

Eddie Goes Around the World in 18 Days! – Part I

Our Eddie has hitched a ride with our head of finance and long standing Eddie Catz Team member Piotr on a once in a lifetime journey around the world condensed into 18 days! That’s right – all the way round the globe hitting UAE, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Canada and Iceland in 11 international flights.

Eddie’s adventure kicks off at Heathrow where he catches an overnight Virgin Atlantic flight to Dubai. Aside from enjoying the Dubai Mall and other city sites he also climbed the mega tall skyscraper Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest artificial structure in the world standing a dizzying 829.8 meters.

1 off to Dubai


Not sure what Eddie enjoyed more – sleeping in a giant cosy bed in his Dubai luxury hotel or the trip around the Emirates where he got to see the mountains on the border with Oman.

2 Dubai and Emirates



Before he knew it Eddie boarded his second flight – this time to Sri Lanka to spend 48 hours in Colombo. Looks like he could get use to a life of global travel!

3 On the way to Sri Lanka


There is nothing like a hotel with a view. Eddie settles down in his Sri Lankan hotel in Colombo with a view of the docks. Now, if someone can just fix that weather please – it’s looking too much like a London sky. Not much can be done when you are fought by monsoon.

4 - view from hotel in Colombo


Finally a bit of beach! Eddie visits the fish market in Negambo and the old colonial Dutch fort in Gale and then a bit of downtime too.

5 around Sri Lanka


Eddie enjoys breakfast before being back on a plane again! Next stop: Bangkok, Thailand.

6 Before flying to Bangkok


Amazed by the beauty of its temples, Eddie visits as many places as he can in Bangkok. So much to see in so little time! It won’t be long till his next flight: Hong Kong awaits!

7 Bangkok


Freshly landed and ready for a new adventure, Eddie enjoys the highest viewing point in Hong Kong – “The Peak”. This is the place with most skyscrapers in the world!

Did you know Hong Kong means Fragant Harbor?

8 Hong Kong


Wow! It’s been one incredible experience so far and there are still so many other wonderful places to visit. For now, Eddie must ensure he has a good rest; he sure wants to looks great on the pictures we’ll be sharing next week!

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