Eddie Goes Around the World in 18 Days! – Part II

Eddie Goes Around the World in 18 Days! – Part II

Eddie’s adventure alongside our head of finance and long standing Eddie Catz Team member Piotr continues this week! After some amazing experiences and sightseeing in UAE, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Hong Kong it is time to relax and enjoy his very first dinner in Beijing.

Little did Eddie know that somewhere between his trip to the Summer Palace, visit to the Forbidden City and learning of Beijing’s secrets of silk making, he would be crashing a Chinese wedding at the Temple of Haven! He can’t decide which he enjoyed best though, this or the very traditional tea ceremony where he tasted few of the best Chinese teas, graciously prepared by a host.



Batteries recharged, Eddie fearlessly conquers the Great Wall of China! He climbed the forest for almost 2 hours until he reached one of the watch towers. His trekking through this Wonder of the World began in its unrestored, wild part and continued through its extensively renovated, stunning part.

Every year over 10 million people visit the longest man-made structure in the world and Eddie couldn’t be prouder to now be part of such large figure!



Sure the walk was long and followed by a flight to Seoul but nothing stops Eddie from visiting as many places as he possibly can! During his very short stopover in Korea’s capital, our adventurous little cat managed to find time to explore a beautifully ancient part of the city, which hosted residence of Korea’s ancient Royal Family. No doubt it was worth it!



Clearly excitement is something Eddie does not lack but boy did he need to relax… He knows he’ll need energy to keep up the pace so he rests his paws before his next flight. This time, Japan!



Even though nighttime, Eddie can’t help but briefly exploring Kyoto before enjoying the comfort of his traditional Japanese room. He was surprised to learn that, in Japanese culture, one room can be used and rearranged to serve different purposes. With just a small table, he had the perfect dining room but by adding a mattress, a pillow and a duvet, the same room turned into the bedroom where he would have a very much needed good night sleep.



Wide awake, Eddie couldn’t be more excited for his second day in Japan! He is off to visit Heian Shrine, an important cultural property of the country. Not only he is fascinated by its beauty but by the trees and bushes made of fortunes bought by visitors. When the papers carry unfavorable predictions, the unfortunate recipient ties it to a tree or bush in hopes to leave the bad fortune behind.



Yay! Eddie’s first train trip in Japan! Doesn’t he look happy? One would think the bad weather that prevented him from walking around Tokyo a bit longer than he actually did would bring him down but still he managed to see quite a few places. Plus, he couldn’t feel luckier: he’s on a trip around the world!



Did someone say sushi? Now THAT is one meal Eddie most certainly could not turn down: tastefully delightful, mouth-watering fish! Shanghai couldn’t have welcomed him any better.

For his very last night in Asia, he decided to visit Youyuan village. Never had he thought traditional and modern buildings would combine so beautifully. Time to get going, though, as a 14 hours flight follows!


O Canada… No rain in sight, hooray! Eddie most certainly would not miss the opportunity to explore Toronto under the sun. It seems obvious to him why this city has been consistently rated as one of the most livable ones in the world. Having the chance to snap a photo of Gooderham Building and Wellington Streets, built in 1890s, and relaxing at the Lake Ontario shore after were definitely his favorite bits!



From the Canadian sand to the Icelandic rocks, Eddie sat and enjoyed the peaceful scenery in Reykjavik after another overnight flight.

He was not particularly keen on the very cold 8 degrees, especially after the temperatures he’s been experiencing lately. However, that didn’t keep him from wondering around the city, wishing for Iceladinc fantastical creatures such as elves and trolls to be real.



Eddie also wished his adventure would last longer but, as all journeys, this one came to an end. After a short flight, he is now back home.

8 countries, 11 flights and almost 36,000 kilometres, in just 18 days. Of course Eddie is little bit tired and very much in need of a nap, but he is also very, very happy! He saw many fantastic things, met so many different people and experienced such unique moments! An opportunity of a lifetime; an adventure no cat has ever lived before.


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