Dine in for 2 (because that’s the best you can hope for)

Dine in for 2 (because that’s the best you can hope for)

In recent years (since having children) I have found Valentine’s Day an increasingly depressing affair. It’s not so much the lack of youthful passion or excitement that I miss, it’s the predictability of it all.

When baby number one arrived we were still making an effort. I knew the days of being whisked off to Paris for the weekend were behind us but we took full advantage of an overnight babysitter and drank ourselves to the point of oblivion.
I miss being hungover with a baby. It’s so much easier when you both just want to sleep all day.

These days after baby number three I’m wondering if this Valentine’s Day will be the M&S dine in deal or the Waitrose one.
We will most likely go for the steak option and whatever chocolate pudding is on offer. There will be the box of chocolates included in the deal and flowers from the stand.
There will of course be the amusing photo caption card and perhaps a quaint trinket delivered by Amazon Prime. In all honesty it makes me want to shoot myself in face with a crossbow.

dine in for 2 valentines day

It’s not all our fault, we do try. Last week whilst clearing out some old boxes I found a tube of unopened chocolate body paint (3 years out of date) and unused book of sexual favour vouchers. We already threw out the “ring for sex” bell after my youngest found it and spent the rest of the day as some sort of highly inappropriate town crier.
The furry red handcuffs were always a bad idea but easily explained as “fancy lady policeman handcuffs” upon their discovery. This did prompt our middle child to ask why a transport police officer wasn’t wearing her fancy handcuffs but I thought I got away with the reply “perhaps she’s not that fancy”.

I can’t really blame the children either. In fact the best part of Valentines Day is receiving their handmade cards. Thankfully our built-in fridge/freezer unit is unable to accommodate magnets so they go in the “box of lovely gifts that don’t need to be displayed”.

The truth is if we really wanted to we could offload them to the in-laws for the night but that would mean going out.

Going out offers two options.

Option 1. A meal and drinks.

Option 2. Just drinks.

The first option is just as depressing as the dine in option as we will enevitably be drawn to a similar set menu to the one we could have cooked ourselves at home. We’ll be surrounded by two different types of couples. Married with children clock watchers who’s conversation is based solely around how nice it is to get out of the house and unmarried childless couples in love. The latter type of couple I especially despise.

Option two also surrounds us with similar people but after the second bottle of red we’re none the wiser. By the third bottle we’re trying desperately to get an Uber and by the morning we’re regretting every delicious sip.

So it’s time to flip a coin….M&S or Waitrose.

A very yummy mummy

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