Creating the perfect Christmas Card photo

Creating the perfect Christmas Card photo

This year will be my daughter’s first Christmas so it goes without saying that I need to produce some very special Christmas cards.

Yesterday my daughter came to the studio with her little Santa outfit and thankfully a jubilant mood.

I try and make a point of photographing her at least once a week either at home or in the studio. Each week I try and do something a little bit different and since the Christmas John Lewis ad launched I’m feeling rather festive.
We’re also selling lots of tickets for our Santa’s Grotto so that also added to my Christmassy mood. Plus we’ve just ordered some rather lovely elf outfits for ourselves.
baby santa Christmas card fail
We’re normally inundated with Christmas themed shoots in the studio this time of year and it’s fair to say we’ve had some interesting requests.
For that reason I’ve created a list of the 10 things you need to create the perfect personalised Christmas.
1. A willing model. Happy is also a bonus.
2. The right outfit. Especially with babies, it’s tempting to buy a size too big but if you are    having a shoot in November make sure it fits now.
3. Less is more. Props are fun but you can get carried away with tinsel and tree decorations.
4. Decide a theme beforehand, are you going for clean and modern or vintage chic?
5. Who will be receiving the cards? You might not want to send everyone a bare bum baby photo.
6. Bribery. This is helpful with older children. Luckily at the studio we have a whole play centre to help with that.
7. How many pictures? You could create a card with just one photo but sometimes a sequence works really well.
8. Think about the text inside. The bonus of having cards printed is that you can have at least some text written inside. It beats writing Merry Christmas 100 times.
9. Smiles make people smile. It’s nice to get a card with a big grin on it so make sure at least one of the pictures you use is a happy one!
10. Make it a picture someone can keep. I prefer not to add text onto the front photo and make it the full size of the card. This way relatives have a picture of my daughter they can keep or frame if they so wish (I know my mum will).
The Memory Gate studio at Eddie Catz will be photographing Christmas themed mini sessions till the end of November.
For more information visit Personalised Christmas Cards.
Christmas Card with baby santa

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