Colour and paint. Easy decor for kids rooms.

Colour and paint. Easy decor for kids rooms.

When it comes to creating a lovely room for your child colour really is your friend. Changing the colour of just one wall is easy and inexpensive and is a magical way to totally transform the look of a room overnight.



Blue Wall

Bright, bold colours create impact and draw your attention away from aspects which are less appealing – like the toys left on the floor! Cool, calm and restful colours are a great choice for babies, encouraging a good night’s sleep. And, as they grow older, it can be fun choosing colours with your child to create a room that they really love.

If you are changing more than just the wall colours why not create a simple mood board to share your ideas? It doesn’t have to be perfectly presented. Just cut out pictures from magazines and catalogues and stick them on with blu tac so that you can see the look coming together and amend it as you go.

Painted furniture

Old furniture and boot-sale bargains can be transformed with chalk paint (Annie Sloan or Autentico) which, unlike traditional gloss and eggshell, doesn’t need a lot of sanding down and preparation. You can bring a diverse range of styles together into a cohesive look with a single colour or simple palette. Add a bold colour inside cupboards and drawers also for an extra finishing touch.

Similarly, if you have an assortment of picture frames spread around your home you can make much more of them by painting the frames also. They look great grouped together as a single fabulous feature and are a wonderful way to display your children’s artwork as well as photographs.


Finally, why not paint or commission a bespoke mural on the wall; characters from favourite children’s books, animals and whole safari scenes work wonderfully well. Alternatively, use wall stickers or you can even have your own photographs printed for the ultimate personalised wall – or paint a wall in blackboard paint so that they can add their own creativity and you can leave notes and reminders as they grow.

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