Christmas Countdown Fun

Christmas Countdown Fun

Everyone around me is talking about Christmas. Even I have started getting ready with my Christmas tree up and decorated, presents bought (some of them) and advent calendars too.

This year, Lily is more aware of Christmas and when speaking to a friend of mine recently, she expressed concern that her daughter felt left out. She is allergic to chocolate and my friend was worried that all the other children at her daughter’s school would be talking about their advent calendars and the yummy sweet they get every morning.

In searching for some alternatives for her, I found a few really great ideas which can help your children count down the days to Christmas with fun.


I’m a huge Pinterest fan. I love it and I’m always on it. Scrolling through some of their Christmas posts, I saw one titled the ‘advent story selection’. This involves having a different story everyday before Christmas. The idea is, you put 24 short stories, wrap them all up and label them with a number. It’s a fun alternative to chocolate advent calendars and it’s something you and your child can do together.

The link on Pinterest had used Christmas books, but I think you can use any short story.

Toy Scenes

When we were children, we’d have a chocolate advent calendar each, but we also had one that we shared. This one was made by Playmobil and each day we would open a box, which had a toy, and add it to a cut out scene. They have lots of different options available. This year you can choose from:

  • Santa’s Workshop
  • Unicorn Fairyland
  • Dragons Treasure Battle



By the time we had finished opening all the boxes, we had a Christmas scene depicted and some new toys. Some of these toys do have small pieces so are recommended for children aged 4 and above.

Playmobil still sell these and Lego also do their own version. You can easily find them in most toy stores or online.

Picture Calendars

These look exactly the same as chocolate calendars, but instead of a sweet behind every door, there is a Christmas themed picture. These can be great for the younger members of the family as they can still join in with the excitement of opening the door and seeing what’s hidden, but without the sugary sweet at the end.

Wooden calendars

These have become increasingly popular over the years. They’re something, which can become a real staple factor in your family Christmas and can also be personalised to the child or children.

There are so many different ways to customise them too. You can do some sweets, small toys or even some Christmas themed tasks (draw a snowman, help wrap gifts), it’s completely flexible. They can be a pricey option, but can become a great family tradition.

These really are just a few of the millions of ideas that popped up online. Now that Christmas shopping has started, you can also find some great alternatives on your local high street!

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