Children’s Safety in the Sun

Children’s Safety in the Sun

Over the past month we have had some fabulously hot weather. It’s a nice change to be able to eat outside, have a BBQ with the family and more. With this weather set to continue during August, I thought it would be a good opportunity to read up on keeping my toddler safe in the sun.

As a pale skinned girl, I know how easy it is to burn if you’re out in the sun for too long, so imagine what could happen to your child’s skin! Here follow some tips that can help you protect your children against a sunburn.


Keeping in the shade

This sounds really obvious but setting up a gazebo or awning type area will shield your kids from the sun keeping them protected. Avoid the exposure between 10am and 4pm as this is known to be the period during which sun rays are at their strongest.


Find a good sun cream

I’ve seen many parents choosing sun cream based on price and, although there may be no alternative for some, other aspects should be taken into consideration first. Factor rating is the most important; the higher the rating, the higher the protection. Couple this with topping up the application several times throughout the day and this can greatly help protect your child against a sunburn.

You should also check the cream’s texture. I personally go for the thicker ones as I find they cover the skin well and last longer.






As your child gets older and their hair grows, you can no longer rely on sun cream to protect their heads. Hats are great but can be tricky. Some children will just insist on taking them off! If that happens to be your child, staying in the shade may be your best option.

My daughter used to hate wearing hats! I found the solution to be letting her pick one in the shop, which she now happily wears! I always keep it in her changing bag so it is to hand whenever needed.



A good pair of sunglasses can help protect your toddler’s eyes, which are really sensitive. Look for those carrying the “CE” mark. This shows that they have been tested and meet the British Standards for sale. If your child is struggling to keep them on, you could simply use an elastic band to connect the two arms of the glasses, just like a mask. This will surely help them stay in place.


Keep hydrated

Making sure fluid levels are kept up is important, not only for the younger ones, but for the whole family.  If you’re at home, set a reminder on your phone so that every couple of hours you get your children inside for a glass of water. If you happen to be out and about, keep a couple of water bottles in your bag and take a sip regularly. Keep them in the fridge the night before so that they are cool when you head out.


These are just a few tips that may help you but feel free to share any of your own under the comment section!

No doubt that keeping safe in the sun is of extreme importance, especially for your little one’s but you most certainly shouldn’t miss out on the great opportunity this lovely weather gives you to have fun and bond with your children. So go ahead, make sure you enjoy your summer holidays! But safely!

*picture by Alexandra Hurton: Lily in her sun hat

Creator and writer for the Young Mummy Survival Guide, a blog aimed at helping younger mothers from the view of a younger mother. Currently studying PR, media and marketing in Canterbury, Kent.

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