5 ways you can take better pictures of your family

5 ways you can take better pictures of your family

As a professional photographer I’m not going to give you all my secrets but here’s five ways you can start taking better pictures today!

1. Use a proper camera
You don’t have to buy a professional DSLR like we use but anything is better than an camera phone or an iPad! I know some camera phones produce very good looking images and they look great on your screen. Unfortunately that’s the only place they’ll look their best as due to their small sensor size they will not look great as prints.
I use a professional DSLR in the studio but at home when I’m photographing my own family I use a Fuji X-Pro 1. This much smaller and lighter compact system camera produces wonderful images but it fits in my pocket!

2. Stand up and move
Do you know how to take a great photo from a chair? I’ll tell you, it’s by getting up out of the chair and taking a picture. The perfect angle and composition are seldom found from the place where you first see a subject.

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3. Understand your camera’s shutter release button.
The big button on top of your camera actually does a number of things all at once. It focuses on your subject, it takes a light meter reading and it considers the white balance. Some cameras try and find faces and all sorts of other things too. My point is that it’s doing a lot and it works in two steps. First of all press your finger halfway down on the shutter (and hold it there) and let the camera do it’s thing, the next is the press it the rest of the way down to take the picture at the perfect moment.

4. Flash is your friend but it has it’s limits.
If you are taking pictures inside then go ahead and use your flash but remember that it has it limits and in most cases those limits are only a couple of meters. Trying to light something with a built in flash that is 20 meters away is as pointless as turning up to a house fire with teacup of water.

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5. Take lots of pictures.
It’s very rare that you will nail a picture first time so take lots of shots. The worst thing that can happen is that all that practice will start to make you a better photographer and you won’t feel the need to come visit me in my studio.

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