5 Top Tips for making Kids’ Holidays Abroad a Cultural Experience

5 Top Tips for making Kids’ Holidays Abroad a Cultural Experience

It’s very easy when heading abroad in the summer holidays to mostly stay in a culturally and linguistically British environment. If you really want your kids to get the most out of their holiday abroad and truly experience another country and culture, here are some top tips to help you:




The best thing you can do to encourage your child to explore another language is to be a role model for them. Spanish a bit rusty? Not spoken French in years? Download an app or buy a phrase book and have a go. If the kids see you trying to speak another language, they will want to have a go too.


Even the fussiest of eaters can be encouraged to try new foods on holiday, with the new surroundings shaking them out of their usual routine. What about a new flavour of ice cream? Or a local bread or cake? Remember they don’t have to have it all – they can stick with an old favourite and try some of Mum or Dad’s.


Young children are very good at communicating with limited words (after all, they’ve been doing it for most of their lives!). Make the most of this by encouraging your kids to play with children of other nationalities or enrol them in kid’s activity clubs where they can make new friends. They will almost certainly pick up a few words along the way.

The beach

Try looking at the world around you with your child and comparing it to what it’s like at home. What colour is the sea? How warm is it? Is the beach sandy or rocky? Are there any plants or animals you recognise? Are they the same as or different to at home? Taking along a plant or wildlife guidebook can really arouse their interest.

The people

Look around and listen carefully. Can you hear different languages being spoken? Does your child know what they are? Do people dress differently here? Why? What are they wearing? How do they look? How do they say ‘hello’? Get your child to compare what they see to what they know about their home country.

Travel is an enriching experience for children and an opportunity for them to find out more about the world. Why not share your experiences with us and tell us what cultural fun you had on your family holiday?

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