10 reasons to visit our Winter Wonderland Santa’s Grotto

10 reasons to visit our Winter Wonderland Santa’s Grotto

Eddie Catz is already well known for hosting amazing Christmas parties every year at Wimbledon, Putney and Newbury but now they’ve gone one step further.

From Monday 8th of December till Tuesday the 23rd Eddie Catz Wimbledon will be hosting Father Christmas and his Elves. Boys, girls, mums and dads will all have a chance to come and meet him but you’ll need to pre-book tickets soon!

As an extra super special bonus, If you are one of the first people to book your ticket then you will receive and amazing £85 studio portrait voucher from Santa’s helpers Memory Gate Photography.

We’ve put together a list of ten reasons why you should bring your family to our Santa’s Grotto at Eddie Catz Wimbledon this Christmas.

1. We’ve got the actual real Santa. Admittedly his Elves are agency workers but since the unionisation of the working Elf population you really need to go through the proper channels.

2. Free entry to Eddie Catz on the day of your visit. Father Christmas and Eddie Catz are good friends and Santa was quick to point out that it wouldn’t be fair to all the good boys and girls who come and see him if they couldn’t have a play in Eddie’s awesome play centre. Eddie is hoping that this will ensure his place on the good list.

3. The Elves will be helping your children write their letter to Santa. The elves are very good at this sort of thing. Expect a thorough and concise list of presents (and a Christmas wish) that your children are hoping for.

4. Your children will also be making Reindeer food. You’ll of course need to take this home and keep it safe before putting it out for Rudolph and his chums on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately as our reindeer food is made by your children it we can’t call it “fair trade reindeer food” and we’re not entirely sure it’s organic either. But it is magic, and sparkly.

5. A toy for every child. Due to rising fuel costs Santa won’t be handing out any coal this year so even the naughty boys and girls will get a lovely plush toy.

6. More than just a quick visit. Each visit to the grotto lasts about 15 minutes. This is more than just popping a child on Santa’s knee.
Wonderful memories are guaranteed to last between 10 minutes and a lifetime.

7. The specially built Workshop and Grotto. Santa’s chief architect Kevin has been working tirelessly to design and build an exact replica of the real grotto in Lapland. Sadly despite that fact that we have a 36 meter square space to build it seems that Santa’s hot-tub will not be recreated.

8. Awesome photos. Memory Gate photography Elves will be on hand to capture your child’s experience with Santa. A printed photo is included as part of your ticket price.

9. Your children will thank you and you will be the best parents ever…….unless Santa doesn’t bring everything on that list ;)

10. Who wouldn’t want to go and meet Santa? That’s a good a reason as any…….and there might be mulled wine.

Santa’s Workshop will open it’s doors at Eddie Catz Wimbledon on Monday 8th December and will be open at various times till Tuesday 23rd December.

Pre-book your ticket to ensure your desired date and time for your magical visit.

All pre-booked tickets include free play at Eddie Catz on the day at your visit. This discount is only available for online ticket purchases.

Grotto Opening Times

Monday – Friday 10am till 12pm & 3pm till 6pm

Weekends and 22nd & 23rd 10am till 6pm

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