10 CBeebies theme tunes you can’t get out of your head

10 CBeebies theme tunes you can’t get out of your head

PostMan Pat / Special Delivery service

If you’re sat at home with a toddler you really need to take out of the house for just a few minutes hoping that today is the day the Hermes with finally find your house or that DHL might knock before just shoving a card through your letterbox then you might not be a fan of watching a delivery man who takes all day to deliver one parcel.
The creators quite cleverly have two theme tunes to this show. One which will bring back warm feelings of nostalgia and the new one.
“What’s it going to be today?”
I tell you what Pat, why don’t you just deliver the parcel without worrying about what it is or whether you can find an excuse to take the helicopter out for a spin?
“Where’s Pat?” Everyone keeps saying. I’ll tell you where he is, he’s being outwitted by a magpie, perhaps it’s time to consider a different courier company.


£50 for the boat…. Bargain
The thought the theme tune to this was stupid when I first heard it…..now I realise it was created by some sort of evil genius.


I remember this being played in nightclubs when I was much younger and leaner.
I am however confused by what’s going on with the Tiddlytubbies. The Teletubbies restricted surperviousory access to the Tiddlytubbies in Tubbytronic Spuerdome suggest the result of difficult custody case.
Or they could be just baby Teletubbies and not the result of multiple synchronised Teletubbie pregnancies?

Sarah and Duck

I actually love this theme tune…..if you can call some guy just saying “Sarah and Duck” over and over again.
It’s in my head now…..Sarah and Duck…Sarah and Duck….Sarah and Duck…Sarah and Duck.


I wonder if in 200 years children will be dressing as cheeky suicide bombers and singing catchy tunes about martyrdom?

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

Yes you are a noisy little lion aren’t you? A quite frankly a bit of little sh*t too.


Come over here with your loud Australian ways will you? No thanks.
Although most children’s television program theme tunes are basically the protagonist’s name being shouted over and over again this one does it in such a way that it insights a different level of lunacy in toddlers.

Hey Duggee

Best program on television. Alexander Armstrong can do no wrong.
There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting back with a pitcher of Pimms and watching Hey Duggee…..at 07.25 in the morning.

Peter Rabbit

I watched theme tune being signed the other day…..it looked pretty exciting but I think Beatrix Potter might not have been a fan.

The Furchester Hotel

Everything about this program, including the theme tune, says “We just threw this together in a rainy Wednesday afternoon hoping to make some money off the BBC”

A very yummy mummy

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